Resumen del proyecto

At present, there is a problem in the Iberian pork sector related to the danger of disappearance of some pure varieties due to its limited use by the industry. The genetic resources that entail the genetic varieties in danger of extinction are not being used efficiently, stable and sustainable by the farmers, since in general, these resources are being conserved by public organisms without an adequate transfer to the productive system, with a high cost for the Administration and high inbreeding problems.

These varieties suppose a genetic patrimony exclusive of the region of Extremadura, and could contribute to create value added for the graziers within their systems of production of Iberian pig linked to the ecosystem of the Dehesa.

Therefore, the general objective of the present innovation project prepared by the IBERDEFENSE Operative Group is to demonstrate the productive and qualitative potential of some pure varieties of Iberian pigs (some of them in danger of extinction) and present in the Extremadura region. This demonstration will lay the foundations for the defense and promotion in the market of the use of pure Iberian varieties in a sustainable manner.

This project will try to characterize in a comparative way the minority varieties of the Iberian pig under study, both in purity and in crossbreeding with other Iberian varieties, according to their parameters of productive efficiency in the farm, their technological quality in slaughterhouses and plants of curing, and according to the presence of different polymorphisms in genetic markers of interest both from the reproductive point of view and the quality of the meat.

On the other hand, to prevent the disappearance of the genetic resources involved in the project, as well as other Iberian varieties (such as the Manchado de Jabugo or other varieties of Lampiño), it is desired to create a germplasm bank that will aim to contribute to the conservation of the genetic resources of the Iberian porcine race.

The final scope is to make known to farmers and industrialists the potential of different minority and endangered genetic varieties for their sustainable introduction into the market, considering that the maintenance of said genetic patrimony is economically unfeasible if there is no real commercial interest.

Likewise, it is considered that these genetic varieties may represent an opportunity for differentiation within the market of Iberian pig products. That is to say, the cattle ranchers and industrialists could use as a strategy of differentiation, in addition to the origin of the animals and the products, the exclusive genetic resources of the region of Extremadura. The proximity to the market of the planned approaches will allow a rapid application of the results.

If you want to know more about the project, you can download it.

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